About Us

At Pathfinding Ponies™ our mission is to help people find their joy through the healing power of horses.  Profound changes occur when my clients discover their personal truth and become congruent in heart, spirit and mind.

What makes Equine Gestalt Coaching so effective is the partnership forged among the client, the coach and the horse. Horses are the perfect partners for this methodology (see Magic of Horses).The integration of their sensory perceptions with the techniques and methods utilized by the coach results in an incredible transformation for you, the client.

For those of you not familiar with the word Gestalt, it is a German word meaning wholeness. Gestalt focuses on the wholeness of a person recognizing the unity of mind, body, spirit, and emotions and their interrelationships. It emphasizes being fully engaged in the present and increasing awareness of what is being experienced in the moment. By utilizing the unique, creative, and powerful equine gestalt methodology, previously unrecognized strengths within the client are revealed. The experiential nature of our process enables the client to gain significant personal awareness for lasting change.

I am a certified Equine Gestalt Coach and a graduate of the internationally recognized Touched by a Horse® Certification Program. My partners in Pathfinding Ponies™ are my healing horses – Chief and Maxwell.