What my horses do

In Equine Gestalt Coaching the horse is an active and equal partner in the coaching and healing process. Horses are gifted with an energy that heals. My horses sense where you are emotionally, interpret and respond to where you are in the present moment. Because horses live in the moment – they lead a Gestalt life – which makes them perfect for this work.

Horses naturally connect to our hearts. This opens the door for them to teach us important life-lessons.
In order to relate to you, horses need you to be in complete alignment. This is how they relate to the world and what they understand. Anyone who has been around horses for a while can related to watching or hearing things going south because the person wasn’t paying attention when they were riding or working around a horse.

When I ask questions based on what the client is saying the horses reaction to the client shows me if the person is in their truth. When people’s thoughts and feelings match the horses are very attracted to them. They follow as if the person was a magnet. A fellow coach of mine one said that horses are the best BS detectors on the planet. I can not agree with her more! Horses also can tell if someone is not in touch with their true feelings. Another horsey turn off – they don’t relate to that either. They are not interested in them. (Like Oprah says they are just not into you)

By observing my horses response and modifying my coaching direction, I get the client back into alignment so they are in touch with their authentic selves.

One of the many things you will love about working with horses is that they don’t judge us. They see us for who we truly are.