What exactly do I do?

You have probably heard stories about healing people. I am thrilled that horses and healing is becoming more and more mainstream. Still, people aren’t exactly sure what the neck it is I do and how it works. Hope this helps!

I am blessed to work with my horses to help people live better lives – everything from accomplishing specific goals, moving past grief or trauma, or setting personal boundaries – to stop saying yes when the mean no. We reconnect you with their true self – which can be easier said than done. Our world moves at a furious pace. So many of us struggle to fit 30 hours of stuff into a 24 hour day. We multi tasking to beat the band. Doing a whole lot of things mindlessly – going through the motions. We get so caught up moving quickly that we don’t take the time to reflect on where we are really heading. Years or even decades later, we end up somewhere other than where we wanted to be. Or have lost touch of what we want out of life. Have you ever thought to yourself “how in the world did I get here anyway?” That is where we come in.

My horses and I act as a personal GPS. We slow things down and help you understand where you would like to go. We often move our clients from a task oriented existence to a more purposeful life linked to their values.

My method is based on co-active coaching – I am not responsible for figuring things out for you and don’t give advice about what I think you should do. Trust me this is a good thing. You are a smart cookie and will discover your own answers –ah ha’s if you will. The answers you seek are already inside you. They have been suppressed for a multitude of reasons. My horses and I work together to find the right questions. Once that happens, you uncover important truths that had been outside your awareness. The beauty in this is you already know what you need! My horses and I are the key for you to find your own answers.

The best way to experience EGC is to experience it for yourself – dip you toe into the water by attending our monthly women’s circle or if you would be more comfortable with a private session, I would be honored to work with you one on one.