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Welcome to Pathfinding Ponies™

Home of Equine Gestalt Coach Lindy Griffith and her gifted healing horses Chief and Maxwell

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Would you like to experience more joy in your life?

Have you put yourself "on hold" waiting for more time,  money or both to start truly living? 

Are you wondering when it will finally be "your turn" to do the things you really want?  

It is time to wake up and smell the horse hair cowgirl!  Rise and shine - what are your waiting for?  

   Grab those reins and take control of your future.  Find your personal path and make your dreams come true today!  

Prince Charming is busy - so take control of your own destiny.  

 Mosey on over to the Golden Carrot Corral.  Maxwell, Chief and I will be your GPS.  We will guide you along the trail to a more productive, meaningful and joyful existence.

 I am certified through the Touched By A Horse™ Program  created by Melisa Pearce.  I offer weekend workshops, group and individual equine coaching sessions as well as phone coaching.